Letters to the Editor

Harris letter: Sexual harassment

I was shocked. Shocked I say, to see on the front page of the Dec. 7 Statesman Sports section, the photo of a show “girl” from Las Vegas making an uninvited, sexual assault on a young man and football player on the BSU team. In the new American culture of “hands off women” or else the man must go to jail or lose his job (even if the job is a U.S. senator) for the slightest uninvited touching (or even language that upsets one), it is time to declare that “What is good for the gander is also good for the goose.” This woman should be fired and required to make an immediate apology to all men who are so regularly humiliated by sexually aggressive females in this society. The psychological damage done to such defenseless males must stop. Such women must be brought to justice in order to educate all women in America to the hurtful nature and permanent psychological damage suffered by men as a result of such unacceptable behavior.

Jim C. Harris, Boise