Letters to the Editor

Ehrnstein letter: Don’t get over it … vote

Scott Jones of Council (Statesman, Dec. 3) quoted Barack Obama’s unfortunate statement “Elections have consequences. You lost. Get over it.” Among the losses in consequence of the most recent presidential election are the environment in which we live (air and water quality), our protection from predatory banks, public education, those who find it difficult or impossible to afford crucial health care, minorities dependent on the greater society at large for protection, and our nation’s standing with our allies. These areas only scratch the surface of the severe consequences of the election of 2016. If you find these consequences to be unacceptable don’t just get over it. Make sure that you get involved in fixing it, at the very least by making the effort to vote. If you didn’t study the issues and vote you enabled the winners to hurt many people, very possibly even you. Don’t get over it passively. Act to fix it and build an America that works for you. That is what the super rich and the ideologues did, and these are just a few of the consequences many will suffer because we sat by and let them do it.

Philip Ehrnstein, Meridian