Letters to the Editor

Bluestein letter: Crapo and tax bill

Mike Crapo is a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, which writes tax legislation. The first thing you see on his website is a ticker showing the growth of the national debt. But if he is so concerned about deficits, why is he supporting this tax “reform” bill which will explode our debt? Senator Crapo is not powerless on this issue. He has the clout to change the bill to deal with America’s biggest problem: income inequality. Instead, he is supporting the bill, which will simply make the rich richer and the poor poorer and sicker. (Oh, and Idaho’s middle class might be able to buy pizza and beer once a month.) Senator Crapo has four years to go on his term, which will end when he is 71 years old: retirement age. He shouldn’t be worried about fundraising for re-election; he should be worried about doing the right thing for Idaho and America, and for his legacy. I beg the senator to vote against this bill, go back to his committee, and produce a good tax reform law.

Sheldon Bluestein, Boise