Letters to the Editor

Stear letter: Loss of CHIP

The holidays are a time to enjoy quality time with family. We anticipate the delight on children’s faces when they open their gifts, while hoping they capture the genuine spirit of the season — the joy in giving to others and uniting as a community. Yet, for many Idaho parents the happiness of the holidays is overshadowed by worry and fear. Since Congress failed to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in September, Idaho families are left wondering if their children will have health coverage, as the state’s CHIP funding runs out shortly after the New Year.

As a teacher, I believe in giving back by educating the next generation of Idahoans. Like many teachers in Idaho, I have students who rely on CHIP to visit the doctor, the dentist, and access therapies. CHIP provides critical health coverage to children in Idaho, and it’s instrumental in helping them succeed in school and keeping their families from medically-related bankruptcies.

Time is running out. In the spirit of the holidays, I hope you will remember Idaho’s children, our most vulnerable and precious gifts. Please contact our congressional delegation and ask them to reauthorize CHIP now. My students are relying on you.

Janelle Stear, Boise