Letters to the Editor

Brungardt letter: Wolpin kiss

A sexual double standard? Imagine if the recent incident involving BSU’s Ryan Wolpin occurred exactly the same way, but the sex of the two participants were switched; a female athlete is kissed during an interview by a male entertainer. There would be a massive outcry from women’s rights groups and the media condemning the man who kissed her. This woman evidently did not ask Wolpin’s permission to invade his personal space and touch his body is a suggestive, sexual way. As society pursues its goal of sexual equality, it is absolutely vital that both sexes are held to the same standards of behavior. Equality means equal. I expect to hear a torrent of cries of outrage from women and the media calling out and condemning the female dancer who sexually harassed/abused Mr. Wolpin. What say you, fellow Statesman readers?

Joe Brungardt, Boise