Letters to the Editor

Bixby letter: Oil and gas ordinance

I am very concerned with the oil and gas ordinances the Fruitland City establishes. While considering the ordinances I hope the city council keeps the residents of Fruitland’s best welfare at heart, i.e. the effects on environment, safety, health, land and soil, water and property structures to mention a few. When searching the “fault lines in Idaho” website, it states: “most of Idaho has fault lines. Hill Road (Northern Boise) runs along the base of the foothills and runs along a fault.” “Idaho is the 6th most earthquake prone state in the United States.” Another article states: “fracking near fault lines can cause earthquakes” which is evident in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana and California. Further, Alta Mesa wants to use injection wells. It was reported waste water wells within five miles of a fault were the likely cause of earthquakes in Kern County, Calif. Is this what we want in the cities and counties of our state? I sincerely hope the Fruitland City Council acquires sound and factual knowledge from sources experienced in oil and gas drilling before establishing the Fruitland City oil and gas ordinances. Please do not let Alta Mesa make your decisions for you as did the state.

Sue Bixby, Fruitland