Letters to the Editor

Mickey letter: Trump, GOP

The GOP must pay a price for their callous disregard for human decency. President Obama warned us that giving the car keys back to the GOP would be devastating to our country, and we have been in reverse ever since. To make matters worse they gave the pink slip to a mentally imbalanced, draft dodging, lying, racist, sexual predator who doesn’t know his derriere from a hole in the ground. We Americans who still have our heads screwed on straight are aware that we and our country are in danger. The longer we wait before removing this menace from the presidency, the worse the decay of our country will become.

It’s like we are living in a Batman episode, only it’s real. The Riddler, the Joker and the Liar. If Batman doesn’t show up soon, we the people must. In the 2018 elections we have to be party-neutral and vote country. Out with self-serving Trump, the Republicans who support him and get back to common sense, class and decency. Let’s truly make America great again.

Richard L. Mickey, Boise