Letters to the Editor

Herz letter: Hypocritical GOP

Republicans tend to claim the high moral ground and claim to follow Christian principles. It appears that recently, the Democrats have claimed the high ground. The party has asked the two members who have been accused of sexual harassment to step down. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee endorsed a senatorial candidate who has been accused of sexual harassment, and also supports a president who is on tape claiming he sexually harassed women and who has more than a dozen accusers.

Hmm. This seems to be hypocritical. A party that claims support from the Christian right feels it’s more important to pass a tax cut to help rich people than to support candidates and members of the party who behave according to the Ten Commandments. Those of you who support these people and who claim to be Christian need to rethink your votes at the next election. If you truly believe in Christian principles, then you need to support those who adhere to the same principles. Walk the talk and throw the bums out.

Marian Herz, Boise