Letters to the Editor

Currier letter: Thank you

I write to thank Congressman Raul Labrador for his assistance during a very stressful time.

My wife, Rachel, and I are both active-duty members of the U.S. Army. In May, we learned Rachel was pregnant with quadruplets. Sadly, she soon lost two of the babies. In June, I was deployed to South Korea, while Rachel remained at Fort Hood, Texas.

I informed my superiors of the high-risk pregnancy that required bed rest starting in September, and asked for permission to return to Fort Hood. In August, however, Rachel required emergency surgery because of a condition potentially fatal to the babies. The Army then granted me a 10-day emergency leave, but my command was not responsive to my request to remain home.

I decided to ask Labrador for help. His staff immediately contacted the Army and I soon received permission to stay with Rachel through her pregnancy.

Here’s the happy ending: Our twin boys, Easton and Miller, were born Oct. 20. They spent about a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Easton came home on Thanksgiving Day and Miller joined his brother three days later. We are all deeply grateful to Mr. Labrador for being there to help.

Sgt. Nathaniel Currier, Boise