Letters to the Editor

Barroso letter: Pit bulls

My brother had two pit bull dogs that were incredibly sweet. Once you entered their home they would come greet you with excitement and love. My brother adopted them both from an animal shelter and they both had been abandoned and left on the streets. One day one of the dogs got out of his backyard. The dog had stayed in the area but one of his neighbors called the animal control because the dog apparently wouldn’t let him go inside of his house. Not only did the animal control take the dog away from my brother, they ended up giving him a fine of $350 and he had to go to court. The dog never attacked his neighbor or got that close to him, but since the animal control thought that he was a threat, they had to take him away. My brother was devastated because they had taken a part of his family away. People need to spread awareness on these dogs and let the world know how sweet they really are. Expose the truth about them and how they love to cuddle, go on walks, play with kids and other dogs.

Star Barroso, Nampa