Letters to the Editor

Charlson letter: We the people

A few centuries ago several Western European countries took off across the oceans with their superior ships, advanced weapons, disease-ridden bodies and morally questionable religion to every continent of the world.

For several centuries these white men killed, enslaved, exploited and stole everything and everybody they wanted with impunity.

After the death and theft slowed down, the U.S. of A. became the best piece of real estate on the planet.

This country’s strength has increased through the industrial and high-tech revolutions. We are now the richest, most powerful and most influential civilization to ever exist.

We do need another revolution because this country has become what our ancestors wanted to leave behind when they escaped Europe.

Too few people own almost everything. Corporate imperialism, ongoing, never-ending wars, and debt have become acceptable behavior. This is wrong.

Congress has festered in the stagnant air of aristocrats.

Our Constitution is failing us. “We the people” need term limits and a balanced budget.

Kirk Charlson, Boise