Letters to the Editor

Templin letter: Gun control

There are simply too many factual errors and misconceptions in Mr. Kurland’s rant (Nov. 21 letter) to go unchallenged. The Second Amendment was not written as a “bulwark against government tyranny;” that distinction is reserved for the ballot box. Rather, taking up arms against the government falls under the definition of treason.

The Frankfurt School developed as a critical response to the excesses of totalitarian regimes that arose in the years leading up to World War II, not as their ideological source. Moreover, of the examples cited, only one (though surely one too many) occurred in a country with a tradition of freedom and self-governance such as ours, namely Hilter in post-World War I Germany.

On a more practical level, when bad things happened, they happen fast and usually without warning. One needs to exist in a perpetual state of heightened situational awareness (think trained law enforcement professionals) to have a reasonable chance of responding appropriately and with sufficient alacrity in a crisis. Although there is no algorithm for predicting when or where an irrational outburst of deadly violence will occur, having our public spaces filled with gun-toting citizens surely cannot be viewed as a sane response to this plague.

John Templin, Boise