Letters to the Editor

Beyer letter: Roy Moore

I don’t see people’s behavior as black or white. There are an infinite number of hues ranging from tar black to arctic white. Tar black was the color of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Slate is the color of the Alabama voters who believe it is better to have an alleged serial child predator elected to the U.S. Senate than any Democrat.

I haven’t seen arctic white in my life. When considering politicians, most of them fall into the middle spectrum of grays. That is simply because politics is too money driven. Those that have been bought and paid for by special interests — big banks, defense contractors, agribusiness, NRA, fossil fuels, ALEC, etc. — are the darker shades of gray.

Al Franken doesn’t belong in the same discussion with Roy Moore. What Franken is accused of was sophomoric and stupid. Franken’s apology has been accepted by the offended woman.

On the other hand, Roy Moore is one sick puppy. He preyed on young girls and then denies it when the (now) women come forward. It sounds a whole lot like our misogynist in chief. It’s no wonder that the White House’s occupant supported Roy Moore — they’re of a similar bent.

Gil Beyer, Sandpoint