Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Harassment

This opinion is probably weeks behind, as the Statesman has many opinions to publish and not a lot of space for them. But I want to recognize the recent groundswell that many women are speaking out against sexual harassment in their work and public lives. Recent names of men have been added to a list of womanizers who have taken advantage of their so-called prominence over women by way of their work, wealth or reputation. This list now includes Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore and Charlie Rose, to name a few. The list is growing longer. My questions are to the American people, and more directed to our Idaho population: When you hear or read these accusations, and agree that these men are responsible and need to be disciplined, do you, especially Idaho women, include Donald Trump as an abuser? Many of the same accusations came up against him even before he ran for office. Do the men you live with and love not agree with this truth? Are you really a “secondary person” who is afraid to speak her heart? This is sad.

Rich Smith, Boise