Letters to the Editor

Seiders letter: Tax bill

As a constituent, social worker, and member of the National Association of Social Workers, I urge our representatives to vote no on the conferenced version of H.R. 1 — Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The legislation will lead to an increase in the deficit of $1.5 trillion, which will then decimate the health care and social service programs your constituents rely on.

The Senate legislation repeals the Individual Mandate, which is detrimental to the health care of Americans, and has been projected by CBO to increase health care premiums by 10 percent per year and cause 13 million fewer people to have health care coverage by 2027.

The legislation raises taxes on 87 million middle-class families.

The legislation triggers automatic Medicare cuts of $25 billion next year and $400 billion over 10 years.

Again, we urge a no vote on H.R. 1 — Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Joe Seiders, Boise