Letters to the Editor

Stutheit letter: Tax bill

It is very important to pay attention to the tax legislation being proposed in Congress today. If you are a senior citizen on Social Security and Medicare with limited income and in the lowest tax bracket, here is what you need to know. I ran the numbers using my 2016 tax return and the proposed changes by the House and the Senate. With the Senate bill, my tax went down $149, but with the House bill, it went up $119. Why? Because the House bill gives you an “enhanced” standard deduction of $12,000. But look at this: for 2017 you would already get $11,950 using the deductions the House eliminates for a single senior citizen — $4,050 personal exemption, $1,550 additional aged/blind deduction, $6,350 standard deduction. Wow, saving me $50 from being hit by taxes … but, they raised the lowest rate from 10 percent to 12 percent, a 20 percent increase. And that is why we need to pay attention to our legislators and let them know that it is totally inappropriate to raise taxes on our most vulnerable, lowest income senior citizens. Don’t let them get by with this.

Sharon Stutheit, Parma