Letters to the Editor

Winer letter: Tax cuts

In our country taxes are collected to run the government and provide services of benefit for all citizens. When taxes are cut, it is no longer possible to provide all of the services. If the tax cuts being proposed on both the federal and state levels are enacted, which services and benefits will you lose? Will critical infrastructure, health, education, social services, research, farming, wildlife, disaster prevention and relief, environment protection, and small business supports be lost? Will these losses be worth the relatively small amount of tax savings you will receive? No politician will come forth and state specifically how these tax cuts will be of benefit to Idahoans. No politician will say how these tax cuts will benefit the life experiences of our children and grandchildren. Are you one of the wealthy or a corporation that will reap the major benefits? Critical thinking is needed about these issues. It makes only political sense to rush through on tax reform. How are your elected officials handling this important task?

Kenneth S. Winer, Boise