Letters to the Editor

Wait letter: Tax bill

Thank you Republicans. Your simplification of the tax code is much appreciated. H&R Block may go out of business because now I can do my own taxes and save a hundred bucks. That’s worth it. However my appreciation of a simplified tax code does not diminish my disdain for the Republicans’ practice in general. Cut taxes and keep spending. Sen. Crapo I have read several of your articles on the national debt and deficit. You preach one thing and practice another as do many Republicans. I haven’t read anywhere that you would reject federal spending in Idaho in order to save the federal government money. Our politicians both right and left have signed off on global trade and as a result have reduced the tax base on which the government is funded. I hope in the near future you can find ways to save the government money. How about for example refusing to pay extremely high medical bills for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. The cost of everything the government funds has gone up because of government funding with no oversight as to what a service should reasonably cost. And if you don’t know by now, the majority of Americans want health care.

Gordon Wait, Hailey