Letters to the Editor

Nicholas letter: Double standards

Our cultural double standard regarding sexual mores is appalling and disgusting. Famous personalities are being attacked for exhibiting sexual overtures to some of the women they work with. They become tagged as sexual deviants. Males are conditioned from early ages to exhibit strength and power to be deemed manly and desirable by females. Females are conditioned socially within both male and female venues.

Makeup and behaviors that are for attractiveness for the sake of beauty, sex and desirability. The only safe way to have non-sexual social intercourse is to dress and behave like the Quakers, Mennonites, and other cultural dress forms that do not accentuate body parts. Men of wealth and power become conditioned that because of their entitlements, displays of inappropriate sexual behaviors is OK for them. Hence, the hypocrisy and double standard being eschewed by the media, when a woman displays her sexuality to the “nines” and a man reacts and responds what can you expect?

It doesn’t make it right for that kind of responsive behavior but at this point in our cultural development what is the acceptable alternative?

Robert Nicholas, Boise