Letters to the Editor

Morgan letter: Tax reform

I write to express my deep disappointment in our senators and representatives for their blind support of a “tax reform” bill now pending in Washington. The deceit and deception now being practiced by the national GOP is reprehensible. They are trying to quickly ram through a “tax reform” bill before it can be thoroughly examined and debated — a bill with profound consequences for all. The average citizen will see little or no benefit. Huge tax benefits will go to the nation’s corporations who will just use it to buy back their own stock. The national debt will skyrocket and we will be left holding the bag. Our disgusting excuse for a president, despite his lies to the contrary, will gain millions.

Readers can go to opensecrets.org and obtain a summary of the huge sums of corporate money given to our senators and representatives for the sole purpose of influencing (“buying”) their votes. It appears to be money well spent. Under so-called “tax reform” corporations will do very well, average citizens will be left holding the bag, and the GOP swamp will be deeper than ever.

Lon Morgan, Boise