Letters to the Editor

Jones Letter: Tax Reform

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is the world’s most recognizable “young lunatic” and Americans should heed the warning of this lunacy expert when he describes President Donald Trump as an “Old Lunatic.”

Late night comedians are lulling many listeners to sleep by describing Trump as an unhinged, unpredictable clown. He should be accurately exposed as a political malignancy who poses a greater threat to our democracy than any foreign power. Trump is an unrepentant, pathological liar and confirms on a daily basis that he is the most unqualified, unprincipled blowhard who has ever occupied the White House.

Rather than waste time describing Trump’s irrational behavior and lack of basic human decency, voters should direct their anger at Congressional Republicans who still support their chosen leader. Only three GOP senators had the political courage to block Trump’s healthcare plan. If his completely partisan, ill-conceived tax plan now being rushed through Congress doesn’t also fail, voters should never excuse Republicans for their role in perpetuating the Trump fraud.

The Trump tax reform will save his family $1 billion and most middle class taxpayers it pretends to help will be lucky to receive a minute fraction of this amount. Great statesmanship.

Alston Jones, Boise