Letters to the Editor

Hill Letter: Tax Bill

Risch, Labrador, Crapo, Simpson; you all voted for the Republican tax bill, a tax bill that you admit is intended to benefit the rich under the nonsense argument that millionaires, billionaires, and corporations will “trickle-down” some of that wealth to working people. A failed and utterly discredited theory.

You voted to give massive tax breaks to the rich paid for by attacking education, taking away medical insurance from 13 million people, increasing taxes on the poorest, reducing Medicare and Medicaid, setting the stage to attack Social Security claiming “entitlement” programs add to the deficit after you just voted to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion.

You did this to appease your patrons to get more donations, as well as to line your own pockets. How? Politicians leaving office cannot pocket leftover campaign funds. What you do is create foundations or PACs and give yourselves loans and salaries from these, essentially, money laundering schemes.

To you, Idahoans are stupid, incapable of critical thought, who will swallow your lies and vote for you. Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression is your safety net just in case we dummies figure you out. Guess what? We have figured you out.

Mark Hill, Boise