Letters to the Editor

Goyden Letter: Tax Bill

The president issues tweets much like an irascible and brattish child, without thought and with no concern for the consequences.

Is it not a “high crime” to endanger our world with foolish and inflammatory tweets? He wantonly risks nuclear war, alienates allies, discredits US citizens, our military, and creates dysfunction in his own administration. Why shouldn’t he be impeached, if not sent to jail?

Our senators would need to take the lead in this. But they place staying in office above any thought towards the good of the nation. They will not even create a fair tax bill for everyone. In fact, they are offering legislation that is contradictory to their own professed beliefs by introducing a bill that dramatically increases the federal deficit. And, in addition a bill which contains a negative impact for tens of thousands to their health care (except for them who get it for free because you and I pay for it), increases the burden of debt for college students while impairing a stronger STEM achievement, and weakens the country’s efforts for a healthier environment and callously destroys our national parks.

The president and the GOP are killing this country.

Robert Goyden, Boise