Letters to the Editor

Booth Letter: THX

On Nov. 6, I had a heart attack. My heart stopped for several seconds. Fortunately, a defibrillator which was installed only three months earlier kicked in and saved my life. In celebration of our 42nd anniversary, we went to dinner at a popular steakhouse in Meridian (Texas Roadhouse) to celebrate. Five of the employees made a big announcement and people around us clapped. When we finished our meal, the check at our table disappeared. A young couple sitting in the booth behind us congratulated us and the husband shook our hands. He said he has been married five years. My wife told him it was a good start. After they left, the waitress told us the bill had been paid by them. It brought us both to tears, that someone would do that. I’m 85 years old and that was a first. I hope the young couple with a young son read this and know that we were overjoyed at such a wonderful generous thing they did. God bless them.

Ronald Boothe, Meridian