Letters to the Editor

White letter: Global warming

The season to be merry is drawing near. Christmas is coming, presents are getting wrapped, and snow is decreasing, all thanks to global warming making it hotter. Global warming, the phenomena that many fossil fuel companies and news stations deny is happening. Global warming is the planet’s overall temperature increasing. This is due to greenhouse gasses released from air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, methane and other pollutants. A common air pollutant comes in the forms of fossil fuels, especially from gas and oils that are used for cars. Due to the overabundant use of gas, it has formed a “blanket” of carbon dioxide around the planet that traps heat inside it, which is causing global warming to happen. If people were to use fossil fuels less, then less carbon dioxide would be spread across the planet. “But what about our cars?” you may ask. There is research being done in alternative fuel sources, which can not only reduce our energy crisis but also keep the environment safe. Boise, use alternative fuel sources, it’s better for the environment.

William White, Emmett