Letters to the Editor

Ciarlo Letter: F-35 survey

I heard with dismay and amazement that a local bank sponsored a survey that showed – surprise surprise – that over 90 percent of the people of Boise supported the F-35 debacle. There was “some” concern about noise. How many people, out of the 223,154 that live in Boise, did they survey? 1,000? That seems to me to be a paltry insignificant sampling and seriously skewed toward the North End and Bieter. It took a simple Google search to find that over 15,000 people live on the Bench and those 15,000 would be directly affected by the deafening noise that the planes will bring. I am appalled that this is still an issue. Those planes do not belong in an urban environment and there has been ample evidence to show how it will detrimentally affect the entire area of Boise. So, does another survey that includes a population sampling of the entire city, not just the Bieter supporters, one that is correctly written to actually gather statistical data. Word the questions on this survey so that it can factually answer the many questions people have about this issue. A thousand people is not a statistically valid sample.

Fran Ciarlo, Boise