Letters to the Editor

Boozel Letter: Tax bill

Thieves, tyrants, and anti-family, Republican labels for their opposition. Yet Sen. Grassley’s comments make me wonder how much regard his party has for working families or their children.

Most of us know that wealthy estates use loopholes to avoid the stated rate, just as corporations don’t pay the lip service rate either, and often don’t invest in the American economy like working families kind of have to. The contempt behind the comment is the most concerning.

My working-class parents invested in and fed me with their tax breaks. Just as most people use their breaks to buy diapers, or food, or save their child’s life, or keep their struggling family afloat.

A little over a decade ago, a corporation’s bad judgment left my family and me broke and homeless. Through re-investment in me, an American worker, by way of the WARN act, the day was saved by allowing me to be competitive in the marketplace. Now I am an airline captain and preparing for my campaign for the Idaho Senate, District 14.

I cordially invite any elected Republican officeholder to attend my family’s next gathering and explain to my parents how they wasted their tax breaks.

Richard Boozel, Star