Letters to the Editor

Biggs Letter: Medical Care

I would like to present the case of my 92-year-old mother as an example of how devastating the proposed tax changes can be to those with chronic and expensive medical issues. My mother has resided in a nursing home, receiving skilled nursing care, for more than five years. Know that 100 percent of her income (Social Security, pension and IRA distributions) goes to nursing care. Read that again — 100 percent.

The medical expense deduction has been important to maintaining her assets. Under the new proposal, her Federal Income Tax obligation will increase by some $20,000. (My calculation includes the idea that the standard deduction will be doubled). This will accelerate the day in which she actually runs out of money, threatening her quality of life and creating a burden on her family.

Removing that long standing deduction will be devastating for thousands of Americans who struggle to pay for ongoing medical expenses for chronic conditions and long term nursing care.

John Biggs, Boise