Letters to the Editor

Atkinson Letter: Long BSU games

Having recently attended a BSU home football game, I can better understand the reason for declining attendance at college games throughout the nation. Night games are certainly a partial culprit, but the real elephant in the stadium is the astounding number of timeouts for TV commercials, plus the asinine parade of replay reviews. Games drag on forever, with the whole rhythm and flow of the competition being thrown out of sync. The average length of a game is now 3 hours 27 minutes, with each 15-minute quarter lasting more than 45 minutes. That means players spend most of their time standing around, while the rest of us die of boredom in our seats with the stop-and-go madness of incessant interruptions. I understand the need for commercial sponsors, but it’s reached the point of overkill. Enough with the greed. If universities want their fans back in the stands, cut back on the number of annoying advertising timeouts and unnecessary replay reviews. In other words, play football.

Robert Atkinson, Boise