Letters to the Editor

Yancey letter: TV weather

What is the obsession with the weather on local TV newscasts? They open with weather, then a full third of the minutes not taken by advertising is spent on weather in the middle of the newscast. Then a final look at weather at the end of the newscast — as if it changed from five minutes earlier. Frankly, most of us couldn’t care less about the minutia of how weather is developed. Just give us the forecast. We don’t need to know the temperature difference from Caldwell to Nampa to Meridian to Boise. I’m happy for Scott Dorval and Rick Lantz that they are meteorologists but I would rather see some professional sports scores or more real news than listen to them explain that a low pressure ridge is affecting the on shore flow that will cause an upper level high to be pushed farther to the north and allow a warming flow to come on in and arrive ahead of showers that will cause precipitation to arrive on Fairview Avenue and the I-184 connector at 8:32 possibly affecting the morning commute. Give me a break. Just give us some news or make the newscast 15 minutes.

Len Yancey, Meridian