Letters to the Editor

Wilson letter: Charter schools

Why should Idaho invest in public charter schools? Let’s start with the fact that Idaho finishes 48th among the 50 states. Public charter schools not only provide parents a choice in education, but they also help a rapidly growing community add more seats for students at less local taxpayer expense.

Charter schools are free and open to the public. It allows parents to find a learning option that works best for their situation by setting up their child’s education around a particular area of focus. This could include a specific teaching method, distinct subjects such as art or science or theme-based curriculum.

Public charter schools also save taxpayers money. Charters can construct a school at a lower cost than traditional public schools. One example of this is North Star charter. It spent less than half of the amount of money per seat compared to recently built Hillsdale Elementary and one-third of what Victory Middle cost; all three schools are in the West Ada School District.

Parents who believe in the power of school choice need to contact their local legislators, superintendents and open the discussion at local school board meetings. Charter schools can help support the issues Idaho is facing.

Katy Wilson, Twin Falls