Letters to the Editor

Rudd letter: F-35s

Your column “Survey shows strong community support for the F-35 mission …” was in error. The word “support” should have read “resistance!” to truly reflect the attitude of the Boise citizenry affected by the program. The only people in support of the mission are the mayor and his minions who have betrayed their constituency (or should I say “former” constituency …) south of Franklin Road.

As a former Navy jet pilot (Korean vintage …) I can tell you that the F-35 is the pride of the Air Force, properly so, and the most powerful fighter jet in the world. To have it assigned to a downtown city airport like Gowen Field would be a tragedy on many levels: military, political, environmental and societal. If it is introduced into this community it will not be with a whisper and whine, as was their subdued appearance at the recent airshow, but with a mighty roar which will rattle every window in every home in south Boise.

Don’t let it happen.

Gerald Rudd, Lt. USNR (Ret), Boise