Letters to the Editor

Rodman letter: F-35s

I would like very much to know where the reported 1,003 residents of the Treasure Valley actually live — one can only assume that they do not live in the flight paths of Gowen Field. The Treasure Valley includes a lot of real estate, and it’s not all Boise — someone from, say, Nampa, is obviously going to have a much different take on this than someone who will have to live and work under these conditions every single day. This “opinion poll” frankly does not represent those of us who call Southwest Boise our home, and was performed by a company with financial interest in bringing the plane to Gowen.

C’mon, guys, you can do better than this. We need real research, that’s actually directed at the people who will be affected — at best, this was poorly done. At worst? It appears to be dishonest. Not a good look, for a bank.

Heather Rodman, Boise