Letters to the Editor

Reiman letter: F35s

I live seven miles from the airport in one of the city’s foothill parks, where in 2015, there were over one million visits by people wanting to escape the hustle and noise of town. As a citizen, trail user, property owner and protector of open spaces, I’m concerned with the possibility of the F-35s coming to Boise.

The natural curvature of the foothills reflects sound well, especially at a distance. From our house, I hear distant conversations of hikers; traffic from the connector; planes taking off, downtown concerts and football games. Recently, my phone conversation was interrupted and my dogs barked as a great roar rattled our house. A call to the airport informed me military jets were visiting Boise, practicing their maneuvers.

The F-35s settling in Boise will negatively impact the very resources for which we have voted, invested in and fought to protect. We have collaborated with land holders, city, county, state and federal organizations to enhance, protect and preserve open space. We levied over $20 million, and recently, 83 percent of voters cast their ballots to protect open space. Open space is a main attraction to employers, employees, citizens. Open space is our area’s crown jewel, not F35s.

Mary Reiman, Boise