Letters to the Editor

Reifschneider letter: ACHD

It’s way too easy to close streets and sidewalks in Boise. It’s time for ACHD and the city to think a bit more about the hardship on all of us when streets and sidewalks are closed for the convenience of developer projects. Full closure must be a last resort and the time allowed minimized.

I’m tired of developers using city streets and sidewalks as parking space for construction people.

I’m tired of ACHD placing barricades several blocks before the actual closure. The classic example was the closure of the right hand lane of Main Street starting between 11th and 12th when the actual closure was between 8th and Capitol, which lasted for more than two years.

And I’m tired of barricades closing streets and sidewalks well after the work is done.

I’ve developed an irrational hatred for orange barricades and can’t help but wonder who benefits from the rental of so many of them that we don’t really need.

Harry Reifschneider, Boise