Letters to the Editor

Morrison letter: Resolution 286

Now is a special time for all college students. The time of the year where we are scrambling in confusion and studying hard for finals week. I am no different. But this follows right after Thanksgiving, and I realized how thankful I am to live in a place where education is so readily available, unlike most places on this planet.

Right now there are over 260 million children around the world who won’t ever see the inside of classroom, but the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is looking to change that and the lives of millions.

The current White House administration, though, is, unfortunately looking to slash the funding the United States provides to this partnership, but Congress is pushing back on this atrocity. Senate Resolution 286 and House Resolution 466 are looking to do just that, and I hope, for the sake of millions of children around the world, that you, Senators James Risch and Mike Crapo, along with Congressman Mike Crapo, will support these resolutions.

Alexandar Morrison, Boise