Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: Tax credit

I recently contacted the offices of Senators Risch and Crapo, as well as Congressman Simpson, in regards to a specific provision of the House Republican tax bill that repealed the adoption tax credit. I received responses from all three of them, none of which actually addressed the tax credit (which was later put back in the bill).

At one time or another, I’ve voted for all three gentlemen, but this makes me less inclined to do so again. It’s unreasonable to expect members of Congress to always agree with you. It is reasonable to expect your member of Congress to answer your questions. A member of Congress who doesn’t answer constituent questions or employs people who are not properly trained or don’t care if they answer constituent questions are showing contempt for the people who they represent.

In a time when voters are frustrated and feel disenfranchised, members of Congress can avoid making this discontent worse by simply providing direct answers to constituent questions. Why is that so hard for most of Idaho’s congressional delegation to figure out?

Adam Graham, Boise