Letters to the Editor

Clampitt letter: HOAs

Here in Columbia Village, we were shocked to see construction of a chain-link fence in an ACHD storm drain basin that often floods. We found out that it was a dog-fenced area our HOA was building. No homeowners near it were notified that it was being built. The HOA didn’t get a city-required conditional use permit until they were issued a violation. After asking questions, it was determined that the HOA violated the CC&Rs in how they voted and approved for the project. The permit was appealed and went before the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission, where the appeal was upheld based on concerns of water quality from ACHD and Boise City storm water. Now, homeowners are wondering what will be next. What other open space will get degraded by another project? What will happen to that existing fence they built? There is no way to force the HOA to remove the fence without going through expensive litigation. There is no way to hold the HOA members accountable for the mess and unauthorized spending. There is just the threat of raising homeowner dues because the HOA fund is being tapped for these “pet projects.”

Lisa Clampitt, Boise