Letters to the Editor

Wilson Letter: GOP tax plan

I’ve been a fiscal conservative my entire adult life, but the House and Senate tax bills are anything but fiscally conservative. They are a huge, debt-financed tax cut masquerading as tax reform, and the benefits go primarily to rich people and corporations. Every nonpartisan analysis of this legislation has come to this conclusion. One Republican congressman stated flatly something to the effect that “if we don’t get this done, our donors will kill us.” What donors was he talking about? Rich people and corporations. And the claim that the tax cuts will pay for themselves is pure fantasy. Economist and columnist Ed Lotterman debunked this claim a few years ago in quoting some of the most conservative economists in the country, some who had worked in Republican administrations, stating flatly that “tax cuts don’t pay for themselves, period.” Virtually every mainstream economist in the country believes that debt-financed tax cuts now do more harm than good to the economy. So why are Republicans in Congress, including our own delegation, so set on doing this? So they don’t get killed by their donors. The Republican Party used to be the party of fiscal responsibility. No more. It’s now the hypocrisy party.

Steve Wilson, Nampa