Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Tax bill

The Republican tax bill is a multi-trillion-dollar deficit dagger aimed at the heart of the American working class (Trump’s now betrayed base). The real purpose of the Republican tax bill is to kill Social Security and Medicare (which will financially ruin Trump’s base).

By delaying the bill’s tax increases on the working class, Republicans hope the impact won’t be felt until Democrats are in power and that the electorate will blame the Democrats (as they did with Bush’s recession).

Now you know why Republicans didn’t care what was in the bill (other than massive tax cuts for the very wealthy — speaking of the “very wealthy,” has anyone seen billionaire Trump’s tax returns?).

Once Republicans have finally wrecked the economy Trump’s base will have to work in Russian- and Chinese-owned sweatshops to pay off the deficit. But not to worry. Trump has assured his base they’ll be able to once again say “Merry Christmas.” Except it’ll have to be pronounced in the new Trump-approved way: Schastlivogo Rozhdestva.

Gary L. Bennett, Boise