Letters to the Editor

Haas letter: Property taxes

We were recently in Burns, Ore., and read in the local paper that property tax notices were sent out in October with payment due in November. Here in Boise they are sent out in November and due in December. In Burns local officials face an election after property taxes are sent out. Conveniently they don’t in Boise. Otherwise we might have heard candidates talking about budgets and what taxes are doing to residents. Our taxes went up 12.6 percent this year, a total of 85.4 percent since 2006 when the Legislature gave us property tax “relief.” Our Boise City taxes have gone up 108.7 percent since 2006 (and 262.9 percent since 2000). I don’t know about everyone else but we haven’t gotten double the services in spite of paying double the taxes.

It’s past time to start talking about freezing our property taxes and holding our officials accountable.

Patrick Haas, Boise