Letters to the Editor

Whitener letter: Donald Trump

Trump hate is irrational and vitriolic. This is reflected in a Statesman letter by Lynne Mattison. She is charitable to “the deplorables,” i.e. Trump voters. Stating they were “duped into believing he would make America great again and turn the clock back to a time when white men ruled the world and women and minorities were kept in their place.” Which she believes deplorables wanted. She distorts everything Trump has said or done, stating: “He has increased pond scum by appointing multi millionaires,” “promised tax cuts for the middle class, but proposed a bill that gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy” and “millions of other Americans are worse off then they were before Trump took office,” etc. The reality — “The deplorables” wanted a dramatic change from the disaster that was Obama’s socialist administration. Responsible for massive debt increases, class and race warfare, cratering of jobs, flooding the country with millions of poor foreigners, government corruption, leading from behind, constantly lying to Americans, apologizing for America and capitalism. President Trump and his team are unwinding these disasters daily, but you wouldn’t know it from all of left wingdom. My hope is that Ms. Mattison is not in academia.

Phil Whitener, Eagle