Letters to the Editor

Thomsen letter: Medicare for all

Medicare for all. In May of 2016, I was admitted to the Boise VA Hospital with pneumonia and a bad infection in my leg due in part to a fall.

While I overcame pneumonia quickly, the infection required heavy antibiotics, which resulted in two months of hospitalization and eventual kidney failure.

At home, I assumed I’d be tethered to dialysis for the rest of my life, but by the summer of 2017 doctors told me I could cease dialysis — a very rare occurrence, I’m told. But this is not my main point.

The Boise VA, St. Luke’s Hospital, Table Rock Da Vita Dialysis Center, Idaho Nephrology, and many other doctors, nurses, and medical personnel gave me my life back.

I am 78, and people tell me I was deserving of the care I got simply because I was a Navy veteran for three years back in the 1950s. But we owe this kind of care to all Americans.

Health care is not just for those who can afford it. The richest and most powerful nation in the world can afford this — if we insist that our representatives in Congress go to Washington with the right priorities.

John Thomsen, Idaho City