Letters to the Editor

Shutt letter: Gas prices

These past few months Jackson, Maverick and Sinclair have exceeded their abilities in misrepresenting gas prices in the West. Recently in Las Vegas, I paid $2.49 a gallon for regular unleaded. Boise prices were around $2.70 a gallon. Then on a recent weekend I paid $2.26 in West Valley, Utah (Salt Lake City area) at a Maverik Station. Hmm, what did you pay that weekend in Boise area? Our regulators (the attorney general, Ada County commissioners and the related state of Idaho regulators) all seem to have their collective interests in the favor of the big three. It’s about time the state did something constructive to lower our gas prices. I know that our regulators do not endorse my thinking or they would have done something useful by now. How long are the local gas buyers going to take this lack of control by government in price-gouging practices by the big three before they do not buy gas from them anymore? Reminds of a book I read once titled, “A Nation of Sheep.” Maybe everyone should read it.

Ron Shutt, Boise