Letters to the Editor

Ratcliff letter: Blanding, Utah

For fellow Statesman readers: Two recent Statesman articles have reported on the “dry” status of Blanding, Utah, including the city’s vote on Nov. 7 to remain “dry.” Things in Blanding are not as bad as they may seem, however. Less than 5 miles south of the city limits, at a full service gasoline/quick stop facility, one may find a well-stocked facility of malted beverages. Those beverages comply with Utah’s restriction of only 3.2 percent alcohol content in non-state-sponsored retail facilities. Shirttail Junction is conveniently located at the main turnoff to Lake Powell.

Similar facilities are located in Bluff, just 24 miles south of “dry” old Blanding, where one may find excellent lodging, restaurants, hiking, river rafting, and mountain biking within a stones throw of Bear’s Ears National Monument, for which Blanding residents are adamantly seeking reduction/elimination.

Finally, in Monticello, 20 miles north of Blanding, the county seat of San Juan County, one may find a full array of adult libations in the Utah State Liquor Store right on main street (U.S. 191). Spirits, wines (including some very good labels) and full-strength brews (6 percent alcohol) are all available from the friendly staff.

Blanding is indeed very bland.

Tom Ratcliff, Gem County