Letters to the Editor

Patta letter: Tax bill

I wrote the following to Rep. Mike Simpson the morning when the House was to vote on the tax bill:

Today there is a vote in the House and I tried to call your Washington office and the mail box is full. Of course you do not want to hear from the working-class people in Idaho. The lobbyists have filled your office and coffers, and now you and the other Republicans will vote to reward them. Why else would you vote for a bill that will hurt many people in your state, result in loss of health care and increased deaths, and increase the wealth divide in this state and country? This will also increase the deficit, which makes Republicans incredible hypocrites. But you don’t care because we no longer have a democracy. Just know that Republicans and Trump own this bill — this is your legacy. We will not forget or forgive that you give huge tax breaks to the rich corporations and individuals (no inheritance tax?) that will be permanent and make the insignificant tax breaks for the working class temporary. This is not tax reform, it is wealth distribution bill in the wrong direction.

Susan Patta, Tetonia