Letters to the Editor

Patrick Letter: F-35s

Idaho governor and legislators appropriated $100K to build public support for a squadron of thunderous F-35 fighter-bomber jets at Gowen Field in Boise. The Department of Commerce claims this technological marvel will bring high-end technical jobs to Idaho.

Let us examine how the money was spent. Tote bags to bring high-tech jobs?

Digital Gowen Strong ad featuring a child looking up into the sky, and words “Ready to fly, ready to serve.” The F-35 is not ready for combat, and a child is not ready to serve. The ad’s simplicity seemed to target elementary school-age audience. Perhaps this could get Idaho legislators to think more about funding elementary education.

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce – this must have paid for their “high-tech” breakfast.

Idaho Tele-Town Hall that refused to air questions from the F-35 opposition – a way to build public support.

Idaho taxpayer money is being spent to generate favorable publicity and help Lockheed Martin sell the F-35s worldwide. So far that helped one job – CEO Marillyn Hewson’s. She made over 19 million dollars in 2016.

Idaho legislators should finally acknowledge that only creating modern infrastructure and quality education can bring more high-tech jobs to Idaho.

Inna Patrick, Boise