Letters to the Editor

Norden Letter: Tax bill

The current Republican tax bill is where the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United stink-bomb legalizing political bribery lands smack on the kitchen table of every working family in America. The ruling allows unlimited secret bribery of politicians by corporations and the ultra-wealthy, calling it free speech and exempting it from any regulation or public disclosure requirements. This is dark money, and it’s on the verge of paying off big-time in the form of massive tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

The GOP tax bill is also where aggressive efforts to gerrymander congressional and state legislative districts and limit who actually gets to vote lands on our kitchen tables as well. By ensuring as many noncompetitive or “safe” Republican districts as possible, the U.S. House is able to pass legislation obviously contrary to the interests of American working families, on the logic that incumbents will only be challenged by equally corporate-and-rich friendly GOP primary candidates.

And the tax bill is where American families once again get duped by Trump and the GOP’s racist spew. You may be poor and struggling, but at least you’re white and thus a Real American, and it’s the fault of nonwhites and immigrants anyway.

Chris Norden, Moscow