Letters to the Editor

Nagle letter: Judge Roy Moore

Have you heard of the new Specialty Zoo opening in Alabama for all the Evangelicals supporting Judge Roy Moore? It’s called the Hippocrit Zoo, and the first exhibit will feature Pastor David Floyd, of the Mervyn Parkway Baptist Church in Opelika, Ala. Pastor Floyd says; “All of us have sinned and need a Savior. Of course, moral character is still important. But with Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby, we’re talking about something completely different. You have to look at the totality of the man. That’s why I support Judge Moore. I’ve prayed with him. I know his heart.”

Interesting, considering that Judge Moore hasn’t admitted to his sins, or showed any remorse, which I understand is a prerequisite to being forgiven. I wonder what he thinks of Senator Al Franken?

Tom Nagle, Boise