Letters to the Editor

Lyndel Letter: Overcrowding

The West Ada School district is bursting at the seams with students. It’s so overcrowded the district is looking into a school bond proposal. In the last three years, the district has added 1,676 students. Many parents believe public charter schools are an important part of a solution to the challenges our school district is facing.

Public charter schools ease the burden placed on the school district without costing taxpayers more money. Charter schools receive state and federal money that traditional public schools receive, but charters pay for their own buildings and don’t have access to local levy or bond money.

There are currently five public charter schools educating 2,300 students from Meridian and Eagle. Two of these charter schools (North Star and Compass) are some of Idaho’s highest performing schools. Charter schools not only provide a free choice in education but also help a rapidly growing community add more seats for students at a lower local taxpayer expense.

Charters can’t and shouldn’t replace traditional public schools, but they can be an important part of West Ada’s overcrowding issue and add school choice. It’s time we advocate for a solution that will not cost the taxpayers more money.

Lyndel Strong, Meridian